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The Saint Mary Necklace + The Lucky Star Necklace!

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TWO FOR ONE: Lucky Star + Saint Mary Necklace!
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The Lucky Star and The Saint Mary necklaces are our best-selling pieces and are designed with the modern woman in mind; to deliver your favourite never-take-off accessories to elevate any outfit!

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The Lucky Star Necklace
The Saint Mary Necklace
Biella Vintage Jewellery Box
Biella Vintage Cloth Bag


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The Saint Mary Necklace is loved by women over the world, and is a powerful symbol of femininity. Featuring a 2-in-1 reversible pendant that can be worn either way as you desire, on its own or layered with your favourites.
Material: 18K Gold plated
Dimensions: Pendant 25mm x 14mm
Chain 50cm

The Lucky Star Necklace has a golden pendant featuring the nights brightest star for wishes to be made upon and for luck to be gained.
Material: 18K Gold plated 
Chain Length: 50cm
Dimensions: Pendant 25mm x 14mm

Love your jewels and keep them safe in the Biella Vintage Jewellery Box and cloth bag provided.

* Please note this is a limited time promotion via this VIP Link only - For the first 25 buyers only! - This promotion will NOT be restocked!