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When will my order ship?

Order tracking

What if I entered the wrong address?

Order tracking - Where is my order?

Order tracking - Marked as delivered but cannot locate parcel

Order tracking - Marked as 'failed delivery attempt'

Order tracking - Returned to sender

Order tracking - Awaiting collection

Customs duties and taxes

I received a faulty item

I received the wrong items

I purchased an out of stock item, what does that mean?


Caring for your jewels

Jewellery sizing

Can I shower with my jewellery?


Gold-plated jewellery

Gold-filled jewellery

Silver-plated jewellery

Stainless steel

My jewellery is changing colour

Jewellery Allergies


Returns / Exchanges / Cancellation policy

Returns policy

Refunds policy

Exchange policy

Order cancellation policy

Faulty or damaged item

Subscription cancellation

Shopping and payment


Discount codes

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

When does my Gift Card expire?

Wholesale / Stockists

Wholesale / Stockists




Returns / Exchange / Refunds / Cancellation policy