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Delivery and shipping

When will my order ship?

Standard 'Green' shipping

How long does shipping take?

Route Shipping Insurance

What if I entered the wrong address?

Order tracking

Order tracking - Where is my order?

Order tracking - Marked as delivered but cannot locate parcel

Order tracking - Marked as 'failed delivery attempt'

Order tracking - Returned to sender

Order tracking - Awaiting collection

My package was lost / stolen

My package was damaged in transit

Customs duties and taxes

I received a faulty item

I received the wrong items

I purchased an out of stock item, what does that mean?


Caring for your jewels

Can I shower with my jewellery?


Gold-plated jewellery

Gold-filled jewellery

Silver-plated jewellery

Stainless steel

My jewellery is changing colour

Jewellery Allergies

Necklace and chain lengths / sizes

Rings size


Returns / Exchanges / Cancellation policy

Route Insurance

Returns policy

Refunds policy

Exchange policy

Order cancellation policy

Faulty or damaged item

Subscription cancellation

Biella Vintage Jewellery Box Subscription

What is the Biella Vintage Jewellery Box?

How does it work?

How long do I have to commit?

Managing my subscription

Subscription cancellation

Free Trial Jewellery Subscription Box

Subscription Terms

Shopping and payment


Discount codes

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

When does my Gift Card expire?

Wholesale / Stockists

Wholesale / Stockists



Subscription terms


Returns / Exchange / Refunds / Cancellation policy