A match-made in stacking heaven

Layering and stacking your jewellery is the most personal way to wear them. You can use whatever is in your jewellery box and put it together to create an entirely new look. You can mix and match different styles and create your own masterpiece and share a bit of your personality on each look.

If you are lost on where to start, look no further as we walk you through the basics of a match-made in stacking heaven.



The best way to showcase your collection of necklaces is by layering them. 

  • Choose your centerpiece - Find your favorite necklace and make it the anchor in which the other pieces can mix and match. Be it a dainty necklace with a beautiful pendant or an eye-catching bold and chunky chain. 
  • Decide on how many pieces to wear. It's always nice to use odd numbers to create an asymmetrical look. This will help you balance an elevated style that doesn't look too crowded regardless of how many pieces you are wearing.
  • Layer different lengths from shortest to the longest chain. To achieve a clean look, choose different necklaces with varying lengths so each piece has their own space and doesn't get tangled with the other pieces.
  • Use different styles - This is your chance to personalize your stack. Choose necklaces that have different textures, styles and thickness. You can also mix metals if you want to create a more elevated look.
  • Create a balance by wearing smaller earrings.


Bracelets and Bangles

In layering bracelets, it is true that the more, the merrier. You can wear as many pieces as you are comfortable wearing to have up your arm game.

  • Share your story through your jewellery by creating a personalized look. Bring out your vintage bangles and match with newer bracelets to create an interesting look.
  • Wear bangles with different thickness and textures. This helps to create balance in your arm stack game.
  • Mix chunky and bold bangles with dainty, soft chain link bracelets. This creates a beautiful contrast and makes a stack more striking. 


On the days that you can't decide which ring to wear, stack your favorite pieces and give them an entirely new look..

  • Wear at least three rings to create a beautiful ring stack. You can be playful and add as many as you want, depending on the thickness of the pieces and the length of your fingers.
  • Feature at least one bold and chunky ring and complete the look with thinner, more dainty pieces to highlight your stack. 
  • Use different textures, metals or stones to create an interesting look.

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