The New Zodiac Collection is HERE

We have been excitedly awaiting the launch of our new Zodiac pendants - And the day is finally here!
Prepare to personalise your jewellery collection, gift to your besties and fall deeply in love with your newest 'never-take-off' Zodiac pendants.

The Zodiac collection is a limited edition release of 18k gold plated pendants designed by Biella Vintage. These represent your Sun signs and are designed to be a 2-in-1 pendant, to be worn either way depending on your personal style and mood.
On one side the zodiac name is elegantly transcribed in our signature style and on the reverse the zodiac symbol has been delicately illustrated.
Designed for both the minimalist and the maximalist - Let your zodiac sign take centre stage and wear it as your daily 'never-take-off' favourite, or add some extra texture and layer it with your favourite chains to elevate any outfit.
Which sign are you?
Click here to find your zodiac sign and shop the new collection.

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