HOW TO: Stack rings - Biella Vintage

HOW TO: Stack rings

When stacking rings, it can be difficult to draw the line between too simple and "I raided my jewellery box." To keep ring stacking interesting, m...

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style edit: Mixing metals - Biella Vintage

style edit: Mixing metals

To mix metals or not to mix metals - that is the question. Or is it?  Think your either a gold or silver person? It's time to let your mood decide ...

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How to: layer chains - Biella Vintage

How to: layer chains

For the maximalist in all of us, layered chains are the perfect way to elevate any outfit. But how do you pick the perfect pieces? We've got you co...

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Golden rings - Biella Vintage

Golden rings

For a long time we've been obsessed with heirloom signet rings and stacking bands.Designed to be your favourite 'never-take-off' pieces, you can we...

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The Ultimate Ear Party - Biella Vintage

The Ultimate Ear Party

It's an earring party and we're all invited! A fun way to add some different layers and textures to elevate your earring game.  For the minimalists...

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