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Camilla Hoops - Biella VintageCamilla Hoops - Biella Vintage
Camilla Hoops Sale price$44.00
Saint Mary Necklace - Biella Vintage
Saint Mary Necklace Sale price$65.00
Lucky Charm Necklace - Biella Vintage
Lucky Charm Necklace Sale price$49.00
Lucky Star Necklace - Biella VintageLucky Star Necklace - Biella Vintage
Lucky Star Necklace Sale price$49.00
Sold outFiona Earrings - Biella VintageFiona Earrings - Biella Vintage
Fiona Earrings Sale price$39.00
Classic Vintage Chain - Biella VintageClassic Vintage Chain - Biella Vintage
Classic Vintage Chain Sale price$35.00
Braided Chain - Biella Vintage
Braided Chain Sale price$43.00
Rope Chain - Biella Vintage
Rope Chain Sale price$44.00
Lucky Shell Charm Necklace - Biella Vintage
Sold outLucky Cornicello Charm Necklace - Biella Vintage
Square Huggies - Biella VintageSquare Huggies - Biella Vintage
Square Huggies Sale price$42.00
Diamond Hoops - Biella VintageDiamond Hoops - Biella Vintage
Diamond Hoops Sale price$44.00
Link Earrings - Biella VintageLink Earrings - Biella Vintage
Link Earrings Sale price$49.00
Isla Earrings - Biella VintageIsla Earrings - Biella Vintage
Isla Earrings Sale price$49.00
Jewellery Box - Biella VintageJewellery Box - Biella Vintage
Jewellery Box Sale price$20.00
Emily Hoops - Biella VintageEmily Hoops - Biella Vintage
Emily Hoops Sale price$49.00
Helena Huggies - Biella VintageHelena Huggies - Biella Vintage
Helena Huggies Sale price$49.00
Giulia Earrings - Biella VintageGiulia Earrings - Biella Vintage
Giulia Earrings Sale price$49.00
Saskia Earrings - Biella VintageSaskia Earrings - Biella Vintage
Saskia Earrings Sale price$49.00
Loretta Ring - Biella VintageLoretta Ring - Biella Vintage
Loretta Ring Sale price$49.00
Nicole Ring - Biella VintageNicole Ring - Biella Vintage
Nicole Ring Sale price$49.00
Mini Square Signet Ring - Biella VintageMini Square Signet Ring - Biella Vintage
Mini Square Signet Ring Sale price$49.00
Infinity Ring - Biella VintageInfinity Ring - Biella Vintage
Infinity Ring Sale price$49.00
Figaro Choker - Biella Vintage
Figaro Choker Sale price$55.00
Rebecca Hoops - Biella VintageRebecca Hoops - Biella Vintage
Rebecca Hoops Sale price$55.00
Carmen Hoops - Biella Vintage
Carmen Hoops Sale price$39.00
Lover Pendant Huggie Earrings - Biella Vintage
Crescent Moon Hoops - Biella Vintage
Crescent Moon Hoops Sale price$39.00
Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Biella Vintage
Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale price$44.00
Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Biella Vintage
Lover Rouge Huggie Earrings - Biella Vintage
Curved Hoop Earrings - Biella Vintage
Curved Hoop Earrings Sale price$44.00
Golden hour hoop earrings - Biella Vintage
Golden hour hoop earrings Sale price$44.00
Sea Shells and Pearls Huggie Earrings - Biella Vintage
Wavy Ring - Biella Vintage
Wavy Ring Sale price$42.00
Gabriella Statement Earrings - Biella Vintage
Mariah Statement Earrings - Biella Vintage
Mariah Statement Earrings Sale price$44.00
Double Heart Statement Earrings - Biella Vintage
Stella Diamond Pendant Charm Bracelet - Biella Vintage