Earring stacks with @milliebac

@milliebac has us dreaming about our next ear piercing with these ear stack ideas!

For those of you who are wondering how to get started with stacking earrings - check out these fool-proof ideas to get you started!

Stacking earrings is a perfect way to personalize your ear jewellery and make a statement. You can mix and match different sizes of hoops, studs, huggies, and cuffs. 

  1. Choose your statement piece - Start your ear stack game by choosing your statement piece. You can go for a bold, chunky hoop. This will determine the other pieces that complement the style you are aiming for. 
  2. Choose different sizes - Be playful and add different sizes to your ear stack game. You can wear each based on the natural curve of your ear. You can also achieve a zigzag look by adding bigger hoops in between smaller pieces. 
  3. Choose different textures and shapes - Add a little contrast by wearing pieces of different textures and shapes. You can throw in a Square Huggie in between pieces, or a Gold Diamond Huggie to add a bit of sparkle.


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Mini Gold Tube Hoops
Gold Huggies Set
Gold Diamond Huggies
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Gold Diamond Bangle
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