How to Style Your Earrings?

They said, 'You can't be fully dressed without wearing a smile.' Well, put a pair of statement earrings on that list. Earring has been an impact-making accessory for centuries. In the millennial speak, they can be termed as savage accessories of all.

If you are a lover of Gold and looking for adorable, durable, and affordable gold earrings, then you must have a look at Gold plated jewellery, the most trending option right now. You can easily avail such jewellery on multiple online platforms.

Now, it might have happened that you have got an overflowing jewellery collection filled with fantastic pieces, but you are not making the most of it, and you are not sure where to start. Well, we have all been there. The good news is that we've come up with a few pointers to help you improve your earring gaming technique. So, let's get started.

1. Wear Rings with Panache

gold plated rings

This has been a story for quite a well, that you will have music wherever you go by wearing rings on your fingers and bells on your toes. These rings can go with any jewellery. The elegance of the stones on it gives a unique and attractive look.

You can style such Gold plated rings with a square Huggies earring for a minimalist look. You can wear an odd number of rings on one hand and even on the other to gear it up. What you need is to break the rules to see how this look works for you!

2. The elegance of Letter Necklace

Letter Necklace

Letter necklace is a modern and personalized way to give your jewellery meaning. This Gold plated initial necklace can make a statement on its own without pairing with any other accessories. Besides, it is also among the best gifts that one can give on birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.

However, if you want to boost your earring style, mini gold tube hoops are the perfect fit with a letter necklace. This will give you a simple yet classic statement for your outfit. This loop comes with a push-back closure. Moreover, you can also layer it with other hooped earrings.

3. Don't be a Slave to Trends

The particular look goes popular and becomes a trend when people like it. However, everyone has a different choice, and you might not like the trend. But to follow it, you tend to wear such items.

In this case, you will feel less confident about your style. Do not follow the trend at the expense of your personality and taste. Keep evolving your class, which comfort and suits you. This way, it will also make you more confident.

For instance, mixing up with Gold plated earrings and a silver necklace was quite not an option before. However, currently, it is the most trending combination. Why? Because someone found it cool and comfortable. This is how you can make your bold move!

4. You Don’t Always Need to Wear a Necklace!

If you are wearing a bold pair of earrings, not wearing a necklace to detract from your look can be a good way. Moreover, if you are wearing a high-necked outfit, not wearing a necklace works well. Let earrings be a center point of your jewellery game.

Make sure you are pulling your hair backward when you are wearing oversized earrings to make its statement visible. Meanwhile, you can get accessorized with bangles or bracelets.

5. Give a Delicate look for professional attires

gold plated jewellery

When it comes to an office look, it has to be simple, comfortable, yet classic. There are several delicate necklaces available online. One of them is a lucky shell charm necklace. This necklace is meant to provide the wearer a proper direction and good fortune. It was created to be worn regularly and hence works well for workplace wear.

You can wear Fiona earrings along with this necklace to give a complete touch of elegance. Moreover, you can wear this necklace with any of your favorite stud earrings. This is how you rock your professional attires with a minimalist look.

6. Consider the event you’re dressing for

biellavintage gold plated jewellery

The very first thing is to select your outfit according to the occasion. Once you have chosen your outfit, then you can choose the right jewellery to accessorize it with. There are tons of earrings, necklaces, and bracelet options, but you have to layer all of them according to the place and occasion.

For instance, if you are going for a graduation party or a family reunion, you would wear a formal outfit such as a strappy dress or something more tailored. So, you need earrings that are more dressy and give an impactful statement to the outfit. You can also wear a delicate bracelet to it.

Final verdict

Every jewellery needs care and so do your earrings. Consider taking a jewellery box while traveling. Make sure you are removing the earrings before swimming, washing your face, or applying makeup. Jewellery tends to react with chemicals and lead to corrosion or black spots.

Hence, above was everything about how to style your earrings with your favorite piece of jewellery. Stay elegant with the trends.

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