Gold Plated Jewelry That You Should Have In Your Collection

Do you want to get people obsessed with your dressing sense? Just add a little spark of gold to it. However, real gold jewelry is too expensive. So, why not switch to gold plated jewelry! It's in trend and inexpensive compared to gold filler or solid gold jewelry items. In this way, gold plated jewelry can bring the perfect touch of decoration and statement to any outfit.

Many online websites consist of a massive collection of trending gold plated jewelry, and that too at an affordable price. Such a platform makes your job easy to choose any of the trendy accessories. In this article, we have highlighted gold plated jewelry that you need in your jewelry box.

Gold Huggies Set

Gold Huggies Set

Hoop earrings have been worn by many people throughout the world today, and this set of earrings is considered one of the oldest fashion trends that is alive. Gold plated hoop earrings can rock any of your outfits, whether traditional or western.

If you have pierced ears and are obsessed with wearing multiple hoop earrings, then this gold Huggies set is a perfect fit for you. You can wear this Biella vintage jewelry every day, either for a casual or office look. Moreover, to elevate your earring game, you can wear this with a mix-matched or any of your favorite hoop earrings.

The price of this jewelry is $62.00 USD. The detailing of Gold Huggies set includes:

18k gold plated

  • 1 x S Huggies pair – 2.5mm x 15mm
  • 1 x M Huggies pair – 2.5mm x 21 mm
  • 1 x L Huggies pair – 2.5mm x 25 mm
  • Sold as trio

Lola Ring

lola ring

Gold plated rings are the most miniature accessories in the list of jewelry, but it is essential to give detailing to the outfit. Lola ring consists of a chunky and inspired look by the iconic '80s curbed links.

Elevate your ring game by adding up your favorite ring to another finger. This small accessory would surely make an ultimate statement. Moreover, you can also wear a thin chain bracelet. The price of the Lola ring is $49.00 USD.

The detailing of Lola ring includes:

  • Tarnish resistant
  • 18k gold plated stainless steel

Letter Necklace

Gold plated initial necklaces

Gold plated initial necklaces are one of the trendiest jewelry right now. You can purchase the chain that has the starting letter of your name. Such a necklace would give a delicate and stylish look to your outfit.

Moreover, instead of just one letter, you can also purchase a necklace that consists of your entire name. In this way, you can wear a customized necklace that would look pretty authentic. Layer it with another gold plated chain to give an extraordinary touch.

Link Bracelet

Link Bracelet

When it comes to completing the hand look with jewelry, gold plated bracelets are a must to add! The link bracelet is a timeless addition to your jewelry collection. It goes with all types of outfits. It comes with 3-1 links and gives a unique look.

To elevate your bracelet game, you can layer it with your favorite gold plated bangles or bracelets. Link bracelet matches any of your hand accessories. The price of a link bracelet is $59.00 USD. 

The detailing of the link bracelet includes:

  • 17.5cm + 5cm length
  • 18k gold plated
  • Adjustable length

Lucky Cornicello Charm Necklace

Lucky Cornicello Charm Necklace

This jewelry is not any ordinary necklace. It is believed that this necklace protects the wearer from evil eyes and brings luck. The design of the horn-shaped talisman is linked to ancient mythology, and it channels the goddesses, Venus and Luna.

This necklace represents virility, strength, and fertility. You can layer it with your favorite gold plated chain, whether it is boxed or linked. You can wear this petite lucky charm for daily purposes.

The price of the Lucky Cornicello Charm Necklace is $42.00 USD

The detailing of this necklace includes:

  • Chain length 20’’/50cm
  • 18k gold plated
  • Free shipping worldwide

Linked Earrings

Linked jewelry will never be out of trend, whether it's a linked necklace, linked bracelet, or linked earrings. Linked earrings give a classic yet bold look to your outfit. Elevate your earring game by adding up hoop earrings to this look.

You can easily avail linked earrings from an online jewelry website. There are different designs of linked earrings. Some come with diamonds on them, and others have a bold metallic look. Most of the linked earrings come with stud back closure and are 5cm long.

Final verdict

Jewelry is a must to have as it helps in enhancing one's beauty. It symbolizes status, power, and wealth. There's a different reason behind wearing jewelry. Some take it in the form of art for self and creative expression. In contrast, some wear jewelry as a part of their tradition.

No matter the reason, there’s a massive collection of different gold plated jewelry on an online platform for all the people out there. So, make sure to rock your outfit with the elegance of gold plated jewelry!

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