Tips On Caring for Your Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is a great innovation if you don’t want to waste money or cannot afford solid gold jewelry. You can easily buy this jewelry as it costs less than solid gold jewelry. Gold plating involves jewelry making from other metals, but the outer surface is coated with gold.

This gold-plated layer will give a realistic look to the jewelry without draining your bank account. It is the best gift to offer something unique to your best friend or favorite person. Many excellent designers have creative, unique styles, and innovative designs that help you go with your outfits.

However, the gold layer is very thin, and there are chances of getting it scratched, worn, or damaged. So, to keep it accurate and shinier for a longer time, special care is required. If you have bought your jewelry from Biella Vintage, there are specific tips you need to focus on for keeping your Gold plated jewelry long-lasting. 

Gold Plated Jewelery

Tips on caring for your gold plated jewelry

One needs to follow specific rules to keep their jewelry beautiful for years. Let’s go through them. 

  • Avoid contact with chlorine water and sweat
  • Gold Plated Bracelet

    Never wear Gold Plated Chain during exercise, swimming, and showering. The chlorine water and other chemicals in the pool may produce adverse effects on plated jewelry. Apart from this, swimming in salt water will also spoil your jewelry as it is a good conductor of electricity and reacts quickly with metals. 

    Wearing the jewelry while doing any physical activity or work, the sweat reacts with the metal causing it to tarnish quickly.

  • Use perfumes, lotions, and oil before wearing jewelry
  • Gold Plated Rings

    Make sure that your jewelry does not come in contact with certain chemicals like perfume, hair products, or makeup. If it comes in direct contact with any chemicals, the layer of gold will damage and will decolorize or cause tarnishing.

    Wear gold plated bangles or any other jewelry after applying lotion or cream once it gets dried. Apart from this, avoid using substances like oil, nail polish, chlorine, nail polish remover, and more.

  • Don’t sleep by wearing jewelry
  • One should avoid sleeping with gold plated earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, chains, and more. This tip is because, in sleep, you tend to sweat due to various temperature levels. So, sweat can soak and fade your jewelry and stones or diamonds woven into it. Thus, to save artificial shine, it is better to take off the jewelry before bed.

  • Clean with a cotton ball or cloth
  • Once you are wearing your gold plated jewelry, clean it with a cotton ball or soft cotton cloth. This cleaning will help to remove the dust from the necklace. Apart from the cotton ball or cloth, you can also use soft jewelry cloth that will help to remove dirt as well as help to restore shine.

  • Wash with warm water
  • You can wash it with warm water if you want to bring natural or more shine to your gold plated initial necklaces. All you need to do is soak your jewelry in warm water for a few minutes and rub a soft brush on it.

    Be gentle while rubbing the brush as harshness results in decolorization and removal of diamonds. Doing so will bring the natural shine to your jewelry, whether ring, necklace, chain, bangles, or bracelet.

  • Use soap to clean jewelry
  • After every couple of weeks, your jewelry needs deep cleansing. Wash your jewelry with a gentle colorless liquid soap. Soaps like castile soap, woolen soap, or mild hand soap with no moisture work well for cleaning purposes. Be alert while using cleansing soap. Do not use antibacterial soap as it tends to tarnish your accessories more quickly.

  • Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners
  • If the dust and grim do not go quickly even after cleaning with warm water or soap, look for ultrasonic cleaners. Make use of ultrasonic cleaner only if it is essential. It will clear all the small parts of the jewelry very clearly.

    However, this will not remove tarnish but will work great to treat the complex pieces with lots of services where dirt does not go quickly.

  • Keep in a dry place
  • Keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place, away from humidity to maintain its shine. Never keep gold plated jewelry in a moist or watery place. When you keep your jewelry in a humid area, it will lose its brightness and fade the gold plate.

  • Consider storage options
  • To avoid scratches or breaking of your piece, keep it covered with a soft cotton cloth. If you have bought your gold plated bracelets, rings, bangles, and more from Biella Vintage, then keep them in the jewelry box provided by them.

    The jewelry box from Biella Vintage is reusable and recyclable, along with keeping your jewelry safe and shiny as it was when you bought it.

  • Keep each jewelry separate
  • Never mix up your gold plated rings and accessories with other jewelry. Doing so will affect the initial luster and brightness of your jewelry. Please keep all your jewelry in each separate box so that they do not get tangled. It becomes tough to untangle the jewelry, and there are chances it may get broken.

  • Go to professionals
  • At last, if you are not sure how to clean the gold plated jewelry, going to the professionals is always a better idea. Going to the professionals will protect your jewelry. They will carefully polish and remove all the dust particles and residues without any damage.

    Moreover, if the jewelry you wear daily gets tarnished or scratched, the professionals may also replate it making it look as good as the piece you bought for the first time you clasped on.

    Thus, if you have a collection of gold plated jewelry, then these are the tips you need to follow. Taking care of it is part of the love you show while owning it. So, by following these tips, you will have beautiful and shinier jewelry for the years to come.

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